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Our Story

Lamaste lovely people.

We are Daga and Konstantin and we are happy to welcome you in our brand-new studio Tattooed Llama. We and our amazing team would like to make you feel nice, relaxed, and free of stress when we work on your next body art. We are doing make things different than other tattoo parlous, you are welcome to come with your kids and family and get a hot beverage. We will do our best to feel you welcome and like at home.

We are excited to share our journey with you and hope to see you soon and often as possible in the most colorful and friendly tattoo studio in Coventry.


Artist prices

70-80 pounds per hour

350-400 pounds for a whole day sitting

Minimum charge of 40 pounds

For all tattoos, the price depends on a design

A deposit is required for every tattoo

Apprentice prices

30-50 pounds per hour

150-250 pounds for a whole day sitting

Minimum charge of 30 pounds

For all tattoos, the price depends on a design

A deposit is required for each tattoo


- Vouchers are valid for 12 months after purchase

- Promotional vouchers are valid till the date written on your voucher and the period of validation may change with different promotions run by the studio

- Cannot be combined with any other promotions or VIP card (VIL card)

- In the case of COVID-19 related lockdown or any other force majeure, the validity of the voucher is extended by the length of the lockdown

- Vouchers cannot be used for existing appointments.

- Vouchers are valid for all Tattooed Llama artists and services and can be used for purchase in the Llama shop

- Vouchers cannon be returned in exchange for face value.

- All vouchers have a holographic sticker and are valid only with proof of purchase receipt or proof of date of purchase 

- In case of a show without warning for your appointment, you lose the voucher and you will not be rebooked

- Tattooed Llama Ltd. reserves the right to change all terms and conditions at any time 

Tattoo care

Tattoo Aftercare Steps

1. Leave your bandage/wrap on until told by your artist:

While some artists may ask you to leave your bandage on for only an hour, others may ask you to keep it on for a whole day. Your artist knows which length of time is best for you and your tattoo, so ensure you listen to their advice. ​

2. Wash your tattoo well after removing the bandage/wrap. Wash your tattoo thoroughly (but carefully) using warm water and a fragrance-free soap to remove any excess/dried blood and plasma.

3. Pat your tattoo dry after cleaning it. Use a clean paper towel to dry your tattoo by gently PATTING the area. DON'T RUB.

4. Apply a small amount of lotion. We do recommend using Easy tattoo or Tattoo Goo brands. After cleaning your tattoo, ensure the area is COMPLETELY dry before applying a very thin layer of your chosen aftercare product/lotion to help moisturize and nourish the area. ​

5. Wash your tattoo regularly. Continue to use a fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water to clean your tattoo at least twice a day.

6. Repeat the cleaning process until the tattoo is fully healed.

Remember that your tattoo is not completely safe from germs and bacteria until it has COMPLETELY FINISHED scabbing and peeling. Continue to wash the tattoo until this point (usually 2-4 weeks). ​

7. Don't pick and pull at the flaking/scabbing skin.

Picking away at your healing tattoo can delay healing, cause fading, and increase the chances of infection.

8. Stay away from the sun. Do not expose your new tattoo to intense sunlight and don't apply any sun lotion to the area until it has fully healed.

9. STAY AWAY FROM WATER. All bodies of water can contain nasty bacteria that can ruin a new tattoo if you are not careful. Stick to short showers until your skin has fully healed, and DO NOT GOING SWIMMING.

10. Continue to look after your tattoo once healed. Once healed, keep your tattoo well protected from the sun and ensure you continue to moisturize the area regularly. Healthy skin means a healthy-looking tattoo.

11. Keep in mind that solid colour tattoos healing differently and longer. The scabs may occur during healing process.

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Deposits and refund


Here at Tattooed Llama, we have a strict deposit scheme regarding appointments. It is as follows:

1. 60-100£ deposits for whole day appointments and under hourly appointments we secure with the minimum charge of 20£, 20-30% of full amount deposits for more than hourly appointments. Deposits go towards your appointment cost and are non-refundable in the case of a cancellation.

2. Deposits for tattoo conventions are the upfront price of your tattoo to secure your time at said convention.

Our strict structures regarding deposits are there to whittle out hasty and spur-of-the-moment bookings and time wasters. We run an efficient business with an appointment of 200 clients per month. Please help us to ensure each gets the time and consideration they deserve.


Our refund policy is as follows:

1. During the case of a “no show”, you will lose all your deposit. The deposit will cover the costs of prep work and time lost. If the customer gives a 4 working days notice he can be eligible for a refund.

2. If for any reason your appointed artist (Apprentice, Secondary artist, or guest artist) is no longer suddenly available then we can offer a refund for the deposit to be used at a later date. Or alternatively, an appointment will be made with some of our other Artists.

3. In the case of a client changing their mind about having a tattoo, a notice a week before their appointment refund will be given.

4. We do NOT give cash refunds. We will require your bank details and make a transfer for your deposit

5. When possible please notify us of the appointment change verbally and then in writing at the next possible chance for our records.

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