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I'm been in the industry since my eighteen birthday and I don't ever plan on leaving. Although I was trained as an allrounder, I've developed a love for neotraditional and geometric tattoos. Some of my favourite moments include giving someone their first tattoo at age of 83, covering self-harmed scars and making a whole arm line tattoo. 

Art was always my passion. For many years I have been expressing myself in different media by creating paintings, illustrations, sculpture. After graduating from Fine Art Academy, I decided to try my skills in creating art on skin. That’s how my love for tattooing started. I have been doing it for 3 years now. I specialized in black and grey realistic stile. I feel passionate about changing peoples live by giving them unique tattoos, sometimes just as decoration other times very special meaningful subjects.



I'm a tattoo artist from Coventry. I was a professional portraitist before start tattooing. I know that making a tattoo, especially the first one is a big step for people, but I'm proud to say there are more than a thousand happy clients, which trusts me with their tattoo ideas. Now I start my new chapter in my carrier by opening my own studio. I would like to make all my customers feel welcome and relax when they are getting their ink.

I started tattooing 3 and a half years ago, my art is dark and gloomy. That’s why my favourite styles of tattooing are dot works and black works. I love unicorns and everything shiny that’s why you can also ask me for colorful and weird designs. Peace out

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